They might seem like two words in antithesis, but making a crasis between work and vacation, we try to find something positive from this difficult period we are going through caused by the pandemic.

No one would have ever expected to be in the middle of a situation like this, with all the consequences of the case, but as always we have adapted to this change and perhaps, this new way of working, is not so bad.

Surely we lack the usual habits of everyday life in the office, the coffee at the bar, the break with colleagues, home to work route (perhaps not this ...) but all this can be alternated with periods of smart work that can be carried out from home or, why not, from Cignella Resort, a place where it is possible to work and at the same time enjoy a stay away from home. It is true, the hours to devote to work will always be the same, but it is possible to organize them so that you can dedicate yourself to new experiences and above all live in a completely different dimension from the usual routine, like sleeping in absolute silence waking up with the sounds of nature or go shopping at the open-air market.

Cignella Resort offers its smart worker guests a fast internet connection in all lodgings, the possibility to send and receive parcels and mail, a wine bar open every day in which to enjoy a few breaks during the working day, printer and stationery a breathtaking view with reserved outdoor spaces, to be used during the beautiful days, and the holiday at your fingertips, as soon as working hours are over.