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The open-air market

Buy typical products

To better enjoy a holiday, the best thing is to collect memories through scents, images, flavors, experiences and everything that binds a place to traditions. To immerse yourself in this vibes, the easier way is to spend your stay getting as close as possible to the uses of the place for this reason we believe that the fair, with buzzing, colors and scents is the simplest way to do it.

Going around the stalls will allow tourists to surround themselves with people and local life, discover their products with their peculiarities, have direct contact with farmers and producers, to get advice on the best recipes to taste the place through its flavors, learn about cured meats and typical cheeses, enjoy freshly baked bread and breathe the true essence of the place where you spend your holidays.

This is the added value of a holiday at Cignella Resort, being able to take advantage of all the comforts of the structure and at the same time immerse yourself in everyday life.

Below you will find a selection of the best and closest fairs, all reachable in about 30 minutes, to visit and where to buy the typical products of the place:

  • - Trequanda - via Trove and piazza della Pace - Thursday morning
  • - Asciano - via Mameli - every morning from Monday to Saturday there is the fruit and vegetable market;
  • - Buonconvento - piazza Garibaldi - Saturday morning;
  • - Montalcino - via della Libertà and piazza S Agostino - Friday morning;
  • - Montepulciano - via Roma and piazza delle Calle - Saturday morning;
  • - Pienza - via Mencatelli - Friday morning;
  • - Rapolano Terme via prov sud - Monday morning / fraz. Serre piazza Biaggini - Friday morning / piazza Giannetti - Saturday morning;
  • - San Giovanni d’Asso - via Umberto I - Monday morning;
  • - Siena - piazza Laghi - Monday morning / via XXV aprile - Wednesday morning / piazza S. Petini - Saturday morning;
  • - Sinalunga - Piazza Garibaldi - Tuesday morning the food market.